The Hong Kong Guide

What to see, eat and do in Asia's global city

More than just a city.

Since its release from British rule in 1997, Hong Kong has been a Special Administrative region under China's one country, two party system. While political debate surrounds whether or not it should become an independent state, there is certainty that the region is like no other place in Asia. While famous for its densely packed cityscape and high reaching architecture, Hong Kong offers a multiplicity of landscapes, cultures and experiences. Here, golden beaches line the coastlines, wild monkeys freely roam ancient temples and sub-tropical forests, billion-pound international businesses share districts with night markets offering locally-made counterfeit goods, and as Asia's Global City, great food, music and fashion are always in endless supply. Hong Kong is a meeting place for the urban and rural, real and fake, new and old, and East and West. It's more than just a city, its a world in itself.