A Weekend in Palma De Mallorca, Spain

I have to admit, I am shocked at how much I enjoyed my weekend in Palma De Mallorca. For me, the capital of one of the largest of Spain’s Baeleric islands always evoked an image of white-walled, all-inclusive resorts, plastic beach chairs and sunburnt British tourists. But, in the space of just a few days, I saw that it is so much richer than I originally thought. For a breakdown of this trip, head to the bottom of this page. Otherwise, scroll down for more.

Castell de Bellver

Built during the 14th century, Castell de Bellver sits high on a hill overlooking the entirety of the Mallorcan capital. Once the residence of the Kings of Majorca, it now houses the city’s history museum and provides the opportunity to gain an astonishing 360 view of the surrounding landscape. With well maintained Gothic features and an interesting array of uncovered relics, Castell de Bellver offers a glimpse into Palma’s rich past. If like me, you choose to discover the city by foot, I’ll warn you that the journey up to the castle is no easy feat, especially under the heat of the sun. But, I promise that when you arrive you will find that the (literal) uphill struggle was entirely worth it.

Mango margarita with a chilli, a bowl of tuna ceviche and sweet potato crisps

El Aquanauta

Greg and I came across this place during a random wander around the city. We were immediately drawn in by its vibrancy and after a quick Google search (which I admit, I can’t eat anywhere without doing) we decided to give it a try. While El Aquanauta‘s menu doesn’t serve traditionally Mallorcan cuisine, it’s Central American inspired menu is packed with dishes that feature locally caught fish. My personal favourites were the red tuna ceviche (pictured) and fried seabass tacos. Be sure to order a frozen margarita to make your meal that little bit sweeter and, if the bar staff offer you a shot of their chocolate tequila, say yes – it’s delicious! This is on the pricier range of what can be found in the city, but for the quality of the ingredients and general vibe, it is somewhere I would definitely return to.

The Beach

The first months of the year aren’t necessarily the best time to visit Mallorca. While the skies are clear, the winds are undeniably crisp despite welcome relief from the sun. But, because of the not-so-optimal weather, this part of the year is a lot quieter than the warmer months which meant that Greg and I were able to enjoy the coastline beaches in a calmer state.

La Bodeguila

If there is one thing that continued to impress me during our stay in the city it’s that almost every dish we ate, was made with locally sourced produce. From the wine to the fish and the olive oil, Mallorca is one of those perfectly positioned islands that is able to grow and rear some of the finest foods the earth can offer. One of the restaurants that put these ingredients into great is La Bodeguilla. This mid-range Wine/Jamon/Tapas spot serves dishes with flavours so rich, you will swear the ingredients were sourced the moment you ordered them. Similarly good, and just a short walk away is Tast Club. Offering many similar dishes, but with a slightly higher price tag, Tast Club is a must-visit for those hoping to be wined an dined in style. If there is one dish to try at either of these locations, it’s Pulpo Gallego, a traditional Spanish dish of olive oil, salt and paprika covered octopus grilled and served with sliced potatoes.

Royal Palace of La Almudaina

Named during Spain’s Islamic rule, the Royal Palace of La Almudaina is an Alcazar that stands opposite Mallorca’s famous Cathedral ‘La Seu’. This beautiful structure has a very interesting history. Once occupied by the Romans, it became a fortress for the Arabs after their conquest of Spain. But, as following the Reconquista, it was rebuilt by King James II in 1309, leading to the replacement of much of its Moorish features with Gothic architecture. Today, you can explore many of the palace’s rooms which remain decorated with original furniture, upholstery and artwork.

The Breakdown

How I travelled: We flew from London Stansted to Palma de Mallorca with Ryanair, the return tickets were just £10 per person. Palma is fairly small but very pretty, so I recommend travelling by foot where possible so that you can appreciate the city in its entirity.

What I did: The weekend was largely eating and visiting around the most popular attractions of the city. As mentioned in this post, during this visit we went to Castell de Bellver, the beach and the Royal Palace of La Almudaina. Palma is a very beautiful city so we also spent much of our time wandering around its streets.

Where I ate: The most notable places that we dined include El Aquanauta, La Bodeguilla and Tast Club. I would also recommend sampling some traditional Mallorcan pastries, specifically, an Ensaimada, which we sampled at Pastisseria Ca Na Cati, and is traditionally served with the most indulgent, thick hot chocolate you might ever try.

Where I stayed: We stayed at Hotel Dalt Murada. It is a traditional hotel located a short walk away from the coastline and the centre of town. Recieve £15 off of your booking with this link.

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